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WorthIT Solutions.

A suite of enterprise ready out-of-the-box solutions and MRS IP that can be leveraged to develop custom software for business.

WorthIT Products

EDMS for Finance

Built on SharePoint Office 365, EDMS for Finance can help digitize your finance department by automating approval and file storage processes.

  • Eliminates reliance on paper based documents – once invoices, PO’s, and other documents are scanned, they’re fully searchable and accessible in the cloud.
  • Adheres to custom workflow processes to ensure orderly, timely processing and strict compliance to company policies.
  • Incorporates safegaurd features to ensure only the right people have access to certain information.

WorthIT Fixed Assets

Industry leading fixed assets management software for when spreadsheets, depreciation apps, and complex ERP systems won’t do. Provides precise and timely information on virtually any company activity involving fixed assets management. Highlights:

  • Unbridled accuracy in depreciation and financial reporting.
  • Exhaustive data base structure to capture data across a broad spectrum of fixed assets management disciplines.
  • Extensive list of features to corroborate financial and operational decisions.
  • Advanced capabilities to plan, budget and forecast asset acquisitions and depreciation costs.

We also leverage our WorthIT IP to build solutions for corporate legal knowledge management, lease/loan analysis, policy and procedure authoring, and more.