Microsoft Cortana is your businesses personal, virtual assistant. Ask questions about your data, and get information from the intelligent machine learning capabilities. In this article, ComputerWorld breaks down Cortana and explains why it’s especially fit for business.


Companies can extend Cortana’s skills by integrating valuable business data into Microsoft Dynamics 365, Microsoft Azure and building a custom analytics solution with Cortana Intelligence.“The biggest benefits Microsoft brings to the table is integration with Windows and Office, arguably the worker’s tools of choice,” said Patrick Moorhead, president and principal analyst at Moor Insights and Strategy. “Adding Dynamics and LinkedIn integration adds yet another dimension. With Cortana, office workers can set up meetings and reminders with their voice and, based on what [they’ve] said in emails, remind [them] to do things automatically.”

“[Cortana] is integrated with Windows 10 and Microsoft productivity applications, which translates into a significant footprint in the enterprise,” he said.

“The integration … goes far beyond the convenience of interacting with devices via voice commands,” Castañon-Martinez said. “There are many capabilities – including search, machine learning, natural language understanding – behind the scenes that will enable employees to automate workflows with an increasing degree of complexity.

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