UJA keeps everyone in the loop with SharePoint

As a community-based organization, the United Jewish Appeal Federation knows how important it is to inspire a community-like feeling.

December 5th, 2017

UJA Federation of Greater Toronto is a community non-profit organization promoting Jewish faith and culture. Their mission is “to lead the most vibrant Jewish community in North America”, and as such they know that keeping members engaged, informed, and inspired is critical in establishing the foundation of their community in order to accomplish that mission.

UJA’s management team really wanted to get the community feeling throughout the organization. After a new CEO took over and spoke with everyone, it was decided that a new intranet would be perfect. UJA and MRS engaged to build a highly graphical, user friendly portal that helps UJA Federation employees to stay aware of what the organization is up to internally and externally, and get key news from the community. Additionally, the portal provides a space for them to hold their documents in a centrally managed location, allowing for co-editing, cloud backups, online editing, faster sharing, and remote access.

Together, UJA and MRS are using the intranet portal is a platform to truly enhance the employee experience internally, as well as the interaction with the external community.

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