Trophy Foods reimagines information management

January 2nd, 2018

According to Trophy Foods, their employees have and will continue to be the path to their success. That means empowering them with the information they need, in a fast, organized, and efficient matter is critical in maintaining the string of excellence they’ve had since 1967.

Working together with Trophy Foods, we put together a SharePoint roadmap to use the platform as the company’s central content repository and collaboration system. Step one was to set up the SharePoint environment as per their requirements. Once completed, we began the document management portal phase. Trophy Foods was fairly immature from a document management perspective – file shares on the network had been set up decades ago and over time the file structure became unwieldly, departments had trouble finding their own documents and could never find other departments’ content, and it became clear that it has holding the company back and making them inefficient.

The VP of Quality Assurance for Trophy said during one review session, “This is great… I don’t hire Master’s educated people to spend an hour digging through file systems to find what they need”. This is just the beginning of using SharePoint to optimize operations. The next phase is automating their new product request process, which has a clear and immediate ROI.

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