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Integrating IT systems post-merger.

A secure and efficient post-merger IT systems integration and alignment.

Client: Celerion Research Labs; Solution area: project management, mergers/acquisitions

Upon acquiring the assets of the “Early Clinical Research Division” from MDS Pharma Services, our client, Celerion, was faced with the challenge of having to transition the data and all of the IT infrastructure of their new acquistion, which consisted of 7 different labs in 3 different countries, to its own stand alone system separate from MDS systems and ready to integrate with their own.

What was needed:

  • Acquire new data centres; build new server infrastructure and transfer applications from the primary MDS data centre(s) to Celerion’s data centres.
  • Acquire new disaster recovery data centre; build new server infrastructure and transfer applications to Celerion’s data recovery data centre.
  • Build new Wide Area Network (WAN); transition Local Area Support (LAN); VoIP and
    telephony to a new service provider and cut over from existing MDS services.
  • Build a new email solution and transfer email accounts, including current and archived emails to Celerion’s new email service provider.
  • Transfer of common services such as shared file folders, eRooms, RightFax to Celerion.
  • Build new help desk and transfer a leading third party support services (e.g. Service Desk, server support, etc.).
  • Build and install new PC images at every location across a large number of PC/laptop
  • Transfer documentation and contracts/licenses for vendor services.