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Insights on consumer purchasing habits.

Turning credit card transaction volume data into useful information on consumer tendencies.

Industry: banking and financial services; Solution area: data analytics, pricing and marketing

With millions of dollars worth of transactions through their handheld point-of-sale machines across Canada, our client, a big 5 Canadian bank, was looking for a way to gain insights on the the purchase volumes for the various types of credit cards the machines accept; such as Visa, Mastercard, and rewards cards.

What types of credit cards are consumers using most often? What types of purchases do consumers use different cards for? In what regions are various card types more prominent than others? And most importantly, why? Knowing the answers to questions like these was critical for our clients pricing and marketing teams to be able to better assess the optimal fees to charge for each card in order to maximize profits.

Leading a team within within the data analytics and reporting department, MRS consultants and developers implemented a self-serving predictive analytics solution that would connect to their data sources and be able to translate that data into powerful and intuitive business reports – accessible at the click of the button./p>

“Stephen and Dave helped support and expand TD Merchant Solution’s BI data infrastructure for over 1 year. Stephen took the lead in writing SSIS packages to ensure new SAS data feeds from the mainframe were accurately transferred to the DW. Stephen also took the lead with the data modelling and coding to triple the size of our data warehouse to over 1TB. He also provided guidance on SSRS and SharePoint reporting and redesigned our CRM tool away from a legacy, unstable tool to SharePoint. He was also not hesitant to have to work weekends if he had to, which made him an even more valuable partner to TD.
Dave was brought in during the year for special projects, primarily to integrate SSIS packages and streamline the process away from our technology group, minimizing both failure risk greatly as well as shortening data processing time remarkably.
I believe Stephen, David and the MRS team were instrumental in the success of our BI expansion project. I would not hesitate in calling on MRS to engage them again for a future BI project.”

– Nicholas Georgakakis, Senior Manager of Finance: TD Bank

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