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A case for project management.

Aligning IT with a massive corporate overhaul and restructuring.

Solution area: project management, ERP realignment

Our client needed to undertake a corporate restructuring in its North American operations to meet new competitive challenges. All facets of the business – including operational processes, human resources, IT systems, plant facilities, and corporate structure – came under review. The end goal was to downsize Canadian operations, rationalize plant facilities, transfer selected business units to the US, expand Canadian sales and marketing resources, and enhance business analytics and reporting systems. Business continuity planning components needing gap analysis and revision – from the recovery organization, steering committee plan, impact analysis metrics, recovery team strategies, plan testing and maintenance, HR support, and crisis communication plan.

As a result of this project, which comprised of two documents outlining crisis resolution plans, our client has a business continutity plan that corresponds with their current corporate structure and mandate moving forward. This will enable the company to protect their reputation within their stakeholder community, recover operations quickly and efficiently in the event of a crisis, minimize customer service interruptions and financial loss, and fulfill their regulatory obligations as a publicly traded company. To note, a strong business continuity program mitigates perceived risks leading to savings in insurance premiums.