Trophy Foods: Enterprise content management SharePoint solution

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Trophy Foods: Enterprise content management SharePoint solution

Trophy Foods empowers employees and alleviates content conundrum with custom SharePoint content management solution


Trophy Foods Inc. is a Canadian owned and operated food manufacturer with over 40 years of experience. The company produces edible nuts, dried fruits, confectionery and bulk foods under the Trophy brand, as well as working with grocery retailers, mass merchandisers, and food service customers across the country to produce high quality nut-based food products for consumers.

Business Case

According to Trophy Foods, their employees have and will continue to be the path to their success. That means empowering them with the information they need, in a fast, organized, and efficient matter is critical in maintaining their string of excellence. However, with inefficient document storage and recovery practices, employees were unable to get their hands on what they need as quickly as possible and therefore the general productivity of workers was hindered. Trophy Foods was fairly immature from a document management perspective – file shares on the network had been set up decades ago and over time the file structure became disorganized, departments had trouble finding their own documents and could never find other departments’ content, and it became clear that it has holding the company back and making them inefficient.


Working together with Trophy Foods, we put together a SharePoint roadmap to use the platform as the company’s central content repository and collaboration system. As the leading content management platform, it was decided that SharePoint was the most powerful and effective tool the company could use for this, and with the MRS SharePoint team, Trophy Foods was able to implement a custom SharePoint solution built exactly for their needs.


Trophy’s VP of Quality Assurance: “This is great… I don’t hire Master’s educated people to spend an hour digging through file systems to find what they need”. With the right enterprise content management platform in place, employees are freed from “digging through file systems” and are able to focus on the core tasks that makes Trophy Foods who they are. The solution saved time and resources for the company, significantly increasing productivity as well as improving overall information management and keeping critical content safe and secure.