TD Bank: Retail POS Analytics: SQL Server and Power BI

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TD Bank: Retail POS Analytics: SQL Server and Power BI

Merchant Solutions department analyzes POS transaction data for insights on the usage of various payment methods

(The MRS team) helped support and expand TD Merchant Solution’s BI data infrastructure for over 1 year, tripling the size of our data warehouse to over 1TB, integrating SSIS packages and streamline the process away from our technology group, minimizing both failure risk greatly as well as shortening data processing time remarkably. I believe the MRS team was instrumental in the success of our BI expansion project

Nicholas Georgakakis

Senior Manager of Finance, TD Bank Merchant Solutions


The Toronto-Dominion (TD) Bank is one of the leading “Big 5” banking institutions in Canada. The company is continuously investing in digital technology initiatives with a mission to become “the bank of the future”, placing particular emphasis on Microsoft enterprise technology tools such as Microsoft 365. For this project, TD Bank Merchant Solutions – the branch responsible for technologies and services such as retail point-of-sale (POS) solutions and payment processing services – engaged with MRS to lead a Microsoft business intelligence project initiative.

Business Case

Thousands of storefronts across Canada use TD Bank POS terminals and payment processing services, including some of the most prominent retail organizations. Every month, millions of dollars worth of transactions go through these systems. With this significant a transaction-level, the Merchant Solutions department at TD Bank needed an advanced analytics application capable of extracting this data and transferring it into accessible information and insights that decision-makers could use to their advantage. In particular, the pricing and marketing team needed detailed insights and information on the usage of different payment methods in order to more accurately set card rates/fees, types of customers to market different payment methods to, etc. Examples of the required transaction information include:

  • Frequency of use of various payment methods, such as credit cards, debit cards and various reward cards
  • Frequency of use of payment methods based on geolocation
  • Frequency of use payment methods based on types of transactions (such as size of transaction, type of store, etc.)
  • Time-based statistics on usage of various payment methods


The MRS Business Intelligence team spearheaded the initiative and assumed full project management roles, including working with stakeholders across various departments to dissect business and technical requirements, determining the optimal solution, implementing the strategy/roadmap and architecting the solution.

The solution leveraged Microsoft SQL Server (CUBE’s, ETL’s and more) for backend data processing and warehousing, and transferred the data to the TD Bank Office 365 platform for frontend usage where analysts and decision-makers could access the reports on Power BI (the Power BI reports were also displayed as a module within users’ SharePoint environments, allowing access either directly through Power BI or through the company SharePoint intranet). These reports, built upon the cloud-based Office 365 platform and mobile-responsive, were accessible remotely and across devices. Furthermore, by providing guidance on reporting in SharePoint and redesigning the new system, MRS reinvigorated the Merchant Solutions’ CRM environment by transferring it from a legacy, unstable tool to SharePoint.