Kruger Products: Mobile quality assurance solution for firstline QA personnel

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Kruger Products: Mobile quality assurance solution for firstline QA personnel

Kruger Products reduces error, improves customer satisfaction with "Quality Takes Precedence" initiative


Kruger Products is Canada’s leading manufacturer of paper-based/tissue products. As the parent of world-renowned brands such as Scotties, Cashmere, Durex and more, the award-winning company serves both consumer and commercial customers and operates several large manufacturing facilities across North America. The company engaged with MRS as part of an ongoing initiative to find innovative ways to improve their business processes with digital technology, better the experience for their thousands of employees and ultimately drive greater customer satisfaction.

Business Case

According to Kruger Products, everything they do resolves around their customers. That means ensuring strict quality control and continuously improving customer satisfaction is imperative to maintain ongoing success for the business. An integral part of their quality control and quality assurance processes involves logging feedback and information gathered directly from their commercial customers and manufacturing plants regarding defects, product reviews and any other problems customers may have with their products. Efficiently gathering and managing this information is critical to enable the company the make the necessary adjustments and alterations to the products and manufacturing processes. As such, feedback, product reviews and customer complaints need to be identified, logged, investigated and resolved in a timely manner. With the proliferation of mobile devices and the ongoing digitization of previously paper-based products, the company recognized this process was ripe for disruption.


Kruger partnered with MRS to envision and architect a cloud-based mobile application that enables their frontline quality assurance staff to input reports on tablets or smartphones first-hand at the client site and to have all the information securely stored in the company’s cloud-based intranet portal. With the solution in place, all information is accurately logged adhering to strict formatting best practices and reports are easy to find and cloud-accessible for key decision-makers. This ultimately means that the turnaround time and success-rate of which issues are resolved is drastically improved.
To realize Kruger’s vision, a new, custom-built solution was required. MRS used the SharePoint platform and .Net development to create custom forms and workflows, set up alerts and notifications, secure authentication and permissions, optimize the search function and more to deliver the functionality that Kruger needed. To meet the demand for mobility and anywhere, any device access, the application was smooth, intuitive, responsive, and optimized for tablet/mobile use.
The result is an application that facilitates the production of quality reports and resolves issues quicker, more efficiently, and more accurately. Employees feel empowered with the tools they need to delve into insights on quality control issues which allows them to manage customer relations more effectively and continuously meet their demands.