Jamieson Laboratories: User/Admin Training and Consultation: Office 365 Business

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Jamieson Laboratories: User/Admin Training and Consultation: Office 365 Business

Industry leading vitamin and natural health product manufacturer partners with MRS as part of Microsoft cloud transformation


Jamieson Laboratories is Canada’s leading vitamin and natural health product manufacturer. The company has a track record of excellence spanning nearly 100 years, a portfolio of more than 280 natural health products and customers in over 40 countries across the globe. To maintain their continued success, the company considers teamwork and entrepreneurship as critical guiding principles as to how they conduct themselves and the behaviours they value as an organization. MRS engaged with Jamieson Laboratories as part of the company’s ongoing initiative to improve usage and optimize ROI on their Microsoft cloud services – an integral part of their teamwork and collaboration practices.

Business case

Like many of our clients, Jamieson Laboratories recently acquired Office 365 Business licenses. As long-time SharePoint users they began reviewing SharePoint Online – the fully managed cloud-based version of SharePoint as part of Office 365 Business. Very quickly the company learned there are new, different and exciting ways of developing and implementing solutions in the Microsoft cloud. While it was still familiar, it wasn’t the same as SharePoint 2013 and there were far more powerful features and functionalities that they could leverage to help the company. Site Collections, Hub Sites, Microsoft Flow, PowerApps, the Modern UI, and Office Groups are just a few of the features that are new or have changed considerably. And, of course, with SharePoint Online, there is no access to the back-end server in the shared cloud environment hosted by Microsoft. Jamieson Laboratories rightfully decided not to just pull and dump from SharePoint 2013 to SharePoint Online; instead, they would migrate methodically, using proven procedures and best practices.

The Problem

Jamieson Laboratories turned to MRS Company for help to identify those best practices and to ensure a smooth migration of critical existing workloads. That said, the company did not want us to take the requirements and rebuild or migrate solutions in a black box without any internal input or understanding on the migration process. They wanted the .NET professionals they have on staff to get some knowledge of the system and infrastructure so they wouldn’t be reliant on MRS Company for all minor changes and additions moving forward. These are strong professionals with some SharePoint experience – they didn’t have enough time nor did they require formal base-level Office 365 training, but they needed a deeper understanding of the intricacies of Office 365 and the constantly evolving features and functionalities. So how to get them up to speed?

The Solution

Our solution with Jamieson Laboratories was a monthly consulting agreement. Instead of trying to have big burst training sessions of multiple hours covering multiple tasks, we created a timed plan of attack in relation to the company’s migration plan. When it came time to implement a new landing page on SharePoint Online with the Modern UI, we set up a session with the client and have our experts work hand-in-hand with theirs, running over everything the company needed to know to effectively leverage this feature and for them to have adequate understanding to deploy and manage modern landing pages moving forward. When migrating lists and workflows from SharePoint 2013 to SharePoint Online, the same process was utilized. This ensured a specific task-based approach that would directly help the company with what they needed at the time they needed it.
Throughout over a year of working together with MRS Company, Jamieson Laboratories’ internal staff now has strong working knowledge and deep understanding of SharePoint Online, the related systems like Teams, Flow, and PowerApps, and how all these systems and applications work together. With this knowledge and expertise now in place, the company saves time and costs by being able to perform minor changes and day-to-day management duties in-house, while working together with MRS Company on bigger and more significant solutions like enterprise document management, workflow automations, custom applications and more.


Our flexible administrator and developer training program allowed our clients’ professionals to acquire the knowledge they need, when they needed it. We set up a strong tracking system to ensure we tracked the hours used, the topics discussed, and the lessons learned for future reference. Jamieson Laboratories’ .NET professionals are able to work with our SharePoint experts on individual topics when they’re ready for it, so that all lessons are pertinent to the task they are working on at that time. And they can scale the hours up or down as needed, ensuring that they are offered the flexibility required for the dynamics of their day-to-day tasks.