EastGen: Financial document management and process automation solution on SharePoint

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EastGen: Financial document management and process automation solution on SharePoint

EastGen drastically improves invoice approval and AP/AR processes, more effectively deals with thousands of suppliers, with SharePoint process automation solution for finance


EastGen is an Ontario-based dairy, beef, and goat genetics company providing solutions to over 8,500 customers across four provinces in Canada. Their motto is “to challenge ourselves to constantly advance the dairy industry”, and as such they need the right solutions company-wide to ensure optimal efficiency in how they operate. Their finance department, in particular, needed modernization to keep up with their pace of growth and to allow them to focus on their core business. They partnered with MRS to explore how digital technology can assist them with this.

Business Case

EastGen deals with suppliers all over the world and invoices come in through many different channels. Previously, invoices were distributed through the office in paper form, approved manually and filed in cabinets when processed. The high volume of invoices makes strict auditing and approval standards difficult to enforce. They sought to modernize their accounts payable department with electronic documents and automated workflows for a more efficient and compliant process.


Entirely custom-built on the Microsoft SharePoint platform and leveraging SharePoint workflow capabilities, the solution automates and enforces EastGen’s invoice approval and document storage process without disrupting employees’ individual tasks. Custom pre-built forms and form-fields mandate the information provided and necessary document routing and approval processes are enforced to ensure the process adheres to company standards and best practices. The solution also integrates with the Oracle ERP system and our client’s internal Active Directory.


The solution resolves the challenges of tracking the flow of paper documents in various stages, maintains control/approval standards, shares documents across offices, and enforces audit trail standards. Employees no longer have to track down necessary approval officers – an increasingly complex task as their workplace has expanded and become more mobile and remote – to get their physical signatures on documents. Hard-copy document storage, and the headaches that come with organizing and retrieving these documents, has been replaced by digital document storage in the cloud, easily accessible for employees from wherever they are. And by enforcing compliance and keeping detailed audit trails, the company feels more confident that they are adhering to critical best practices. This all equates to a more efficient use of resources, increased productivity, more organized and efficient document management and file storage, and a greater execution of tasks.