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Benefit from our 20+ years of business intelligence experience and advanced analytics expertise.

"(The MRS team) helped support and expand TD Merchant Solution’s BI data infrastructure for over 1 year, tripling the size of our data warehouse to over 1TB, integrating SSIS packages and streamline the process away from our technology group, minimizing both failure risk greatly as well as shortening data processing time remarkably. I believe the MRS team was instrumental in the success of our BI expansion project"

– Nicholas Georgakakis, Senior Manager of Finance, TD Bank Merchant Solutions

Build your modern data platform with the MRS Business Intelligence team

Data volumes at every business are exploding. From retail point-of-sale systems and e-commerce websites to factory floors and logistics equipment through IoT sensors, the amount of data being generated every day creates an immense opportunity to gather unprecedented insights that can help your business improve – whether organizing human resources, managing supply chains, gauging operational efficiencies or forecasting staff and customer needs. But without a holistic, innovative business intelligence (BI) and advanced analytics practice, this potential is left untapped. That’s where we can help.

MRS applies 20+ years of BI experience and a diverse team that encapsulates all necessary skills and expertise to develop integrative data and analytics strategies for our clients. Our business analysts have deep first-hand experience working with clients across industries – from banking and finance to manufacturing, consumer goods, retail and government/not-for-profit – and can provide advisory services for your data management practices. Our data architects have proven core competencies and certifications in enterprise analytics technologies and data platforms, such as Microsoft SQL Server, Azure, MySQL, Power BI, Oracle, Hadoop, MongoDB and more. And our certified project management professionals (PMPs) can lead the effort to implement your solution and infuse a data culture at your organization.

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