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Quality business decisions require quality information, and as the Internet of Things (IoT) develops, the more and more critical data and insights is available for businesses to tap in to and leverage to improve. Our 20+ years of analytics and business intelligence experience provides the knowledge and ability necessary to leverage this data to maximum potential and to gain deeper insights on your business at every level.

Custom analytics solutions that deliver quality insights on a deeper level

Your business is creating data at every turn – are you using it? MRS can work with you to envision how you can transform decision making and gain deeper insights on every facet of your business with modern analytics applications.

  • Business intelligence dashboards and data visualizations: intuitive business reports with quick and easy access for even non-technical users
  • Real-time and predictive analytics
  • Cloud BI: store your data safely and securely on remote servers – Office 365, Azure, and more
  • Mobile responsive BI applications to enable anywhere, any time access for decision-makers on the go
  • Experts in Microsoft Power BI – the leader in analytics platforms
  • Artificial intelligence solutions via Microsoft Cortana
  • Document storage solutions and enterprise content management applications to securely, efficiently and effectively store critical information and applications
  • More front-end data visualization technologies: Power BI, Excel, Tableau, IBM Cognos, Qlikview, and more.
  • Integrate analytics solutions with Office 365 and SharePoint environment for front-end users in interfaces you’re already familiar with

Data management and governance

Work with MRS to find secure and efficient ways to store your data: giving access to the right data to the right people, at the right time and keeping your information protected and in the right hands.

  • Data warehousing and storage
  • 24/7 Business Intelligence infrastructure hosting and support
  • Cloud data migrations
  • Data governance, safegaurding, and restrictions

Insights on Analytics

See our latest client stories and insights on business analytics.

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