Kruger brings quality control where it counts

According to Kruger, everything they do revolves around their customers. That means quality control and customer satisfaction is imperative to how they operate.

November 23rd, 2017

As Canada’s largest manufacturer of tissue products, Kruger knows what it takes to satisfy their customers. Having built reputable brands such as Scotties, Cashmere, and Durex, they obsess over quality and are continuously looking for ways to improve their processes and better meet the demands of their customers. As such, each customer complaint and quality exception needs to be identified, investigated, and resolved, and they were looking for a solution that could enable them to do this as efficiently as possible.

Kruger partnered with MRS to envision a solution that could enable their staff to input quality assurance reports on tablets or smartphones first-hand at the client site and to have all the information stored with easy to find, anytime, anywhere access in the cloud. This would allow a faster turnaround time to resolve any issues and would ensure valuable information is being logged efficiently. Furthermore, they were looking for a solution that could be scalable and easy to upgrade as the legacy system was limited in its ability to meet growing demands.

To realize Kruger’s vision, a new, custom-built solution was required. MRS used the SharePoint platform to create custom workflows, set up alerts and notifications, secure authentication and permissions, optimize the search function, and more, to deliver the functionality that Kruger needed. And to meet the demand for mobility and anywhere, any device access, the application was smooth, intuitive, responsive, and optimized for tablet/mobile use.

The result is an application that facilitates the production of quality reports and resolves issues quicker, more efficiently, and more accurately. Employees feel empowered with the tools they need to delve into insights on quality control issues which allows them to manage customer relations more effectively and continuously meet their demands.

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