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Once a business decides to spend thousands of dollars on SharePoint licenses, they will take the time to set it up and then allow employee’s access. SharePoint is now ready to go and all the valuable information is loaded into it. So why do a lot of employees not feel the need to use it?


SharePoint is not an application, but a platform. Most enterprises will need tens, or even hundreds of custom and/or out-of-the-box applications that each serve a different function and are used by people in different roles. This can be daunting to employees who are not “tech savy,” or understand “what” the applications are asking them to do.

This problem is made even worse if the information is available elsewhere, or if necessary information is spread across different systems. Since the typical employee seeks to get their job done as simply as possible while still producing quality results, a centralized/Integrated repository of information in SharePoint, is a good way of doing that. Make it difficult, all of those systems will naturally be used less intensely.

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