Client Story: FirstOntario Credit Union

FirstOntario intranet inspires family-like atmosphere


Established in 1939 and with now over 100,000 members, FirstOntario is one of Ontario’s largest credit unions. According to the company, they believe “investing in people brings the highest returns”, and as such, they are always looking for ways to improve the experience for all employees and partners.


Business Case

With hundreds of employees and over thirty locations across the province, FirstOntario was looking for a way to keep everyone in their organization on the same page and inspire the “family-like” atmosphere that they had when they were just one branch over 75 years ago. The credit union was looking to adopt digital technologies to assist them with this as more and more financial institutions across the globe adopt digital transformation for greater engagement from stakeholders. They wanted a company-wide intranet that provided the right information, to the right people, at the right time and allowed employees to communicate more effectively together.



Built on Microsoft SharePoint (the leading collaboration and content management platform), we developed a comprehensive employee intranet portal to help our client achieve their goal of greater collaboration and communication. Features include:

  • Home page with latest important info., such as company announcements (upcoming events, latest company news, etc.), foreign exhange and interest rates, etc., including with social media integration.
  • Calendaring events, meetings, etc., and subsequent notifications.
  • Push alerts to allow management to send notifications to intended audience, whether it be individual employees or departments/teams (e.g. to complete a task, to inform them of recent news, etc.).
  • Document storage with search capabilities to securely store and easily find information.
  • User specific, to allow for all features to be tailored to individual users depending on their role.
  • Individual user-specific landing pages and user-specific capabilities.
  • A “two-click” design rule to ensure that was needed could be found in two clicks or less.
  • Social media integration.
  • Trending topics tags to show users what other employees are talking about.
  • The “my vault” page, which serves as a task-scheduler and reminder.
  • Document and file management to better manage projects and tasks, avoid duplicating different renditions of the same documents, showing who edited what, and when, etc.



A sound and functional employee portal is a necessary tool for any communication or knowledge management department. By instituting a central intranet, company events and news can be disseminated immediately across the entire business. Necessary information and documents can be acquired quickly. And finally, employees are empowered to communicate with each other more effectively. This helps employees feel a greater sense of connection with their organization and to internalize the culture. In two weeks since going live with the system, more of our client’s employees have edited their personal profiles more than in the previous five years!

Our client views communication as the lifeblood of innovation and MRS is proud that we have helped them to innovate using our experiences and our technical capabilities.

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