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Trophy Foods: Enterprise Content Management with SharePoint


Trophy Foods is a Canadian owned and operated food manufacturer with over 40 years of experience. They provide consumers with delicious packaged food offerings, including edible nuts, dried fruits, confectionary and bulk foods under the Trophy brand as well as working with grocery retailers, mass merchandisers and other food service customers across North America.

As part of their increasing efforts to modernize their workforce, Trophy Foods partnered with MRS to redesign and rearchitect their enterprise content management practices.

Empowering employees with the content and information they need to succeed

According to Trophy Foods, their employees have been and will continue to be the path to their success. That means empowering employees with the information they need, when they need it is critical in maintaining their string of excellence.

However, with outdated and inefficient document management practices, employees were unable to fully utilize the critical content and information needed to accomplish their tasks optimally and to be as productive as possible. The outdated document management practices included decades-old file-share networks that over time became structurally unsound and disorganized. Departments had trouble finding their own documents and collaborating with coworkers on documents from other departments. Long, confusing back-and-forth email chains created replications of documents and a lack of clarity as to which edition was the most recently updated.

Ultimately, for Trophy Foods, it became clear that the existing document management practices were hindering productivity and negatively impacting the employee experience at the company.

From legacy file-share networks, duplicate documents and endless back-and-forth emailing to a modern enterprise content management solution with Microsoft SharePoint

Working with Trophy Foods, the MRS SharePoint team led the initiative to rearchitect the company’s document management practices from front to back. Assuming full project management and solution delivery roles, MRS collaborated with project stakeholders at Trophy Foods to assess business needs and technical requirements, develop the strategy/project roadmap and architect and implement the solution.

The solution was built utilizing the powerful features of Microsoft SharePoint and the SharePoint Online cloud-based content management platform. Detailed taxonomies were implemented to organize all content and information in an effective way that employees could find and access what they need hassle-free. SharePoint also allows for seamless real-time collaboration on documents, even for remote work, between coworkers.

Microsoft Search capabilities and Office 365 artificial intelligence (AI) made important, relevant information even more readily accessible for employees. Advanced governance and safeguarding policies were implemented to ensure that sensitive and confidential information was accessible only based on strictly defined permissions.

With the right enterprise content management platform in place, employees at Trophy Foods are freed from endlessly digging through outdated file systems to access what they need and are thus able to focus on their core tasks to advance the company to the next level of success.