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TD Bank: SharePoint Workflow App for Employee Engagement


TD Bank is a leading financial institution in Canada. With an eye on innovation through digital technology, the company has placed significant emphasis on becoming the “bank of the future” and providing both employees and customers with a cutting-edge, modern digital experience.

Specifically, the company is investing heavily in, and continuously optimizing their usage of, Microsoft enterprise technology products such as Microsoft 365/Office 365. As part of this initiative to modernize their organization and to maximize ROI in Microsoft technology, TD Bank’s Merchant Solutions division partnered with MRS to develop and deploy a modern SharePoint app for employees.

Ensuring every voice gets heard

As one of Canada’s “Big 5” financial institutions, TD Bank is a massive enterprise. The amount of projects that occur is staggering, and the amount of ideas for new projects is even more so. At this scale, it’s easy for voices to get drowned out and for potentially innovative ideas to either get completely lost in the shuffle or to progress far too slowly up the chain of command.

TD Bank’s Merchant Solutions division needed a solution for this problem. It was paramount for the right processes to be in place to ensure that innovative ideas from all levels of employees could truly come to fruition – and they knew that this process could be fueled by modern, digital technology.

A modern business app to empower employees and encourage innovation

The goal for the Merchant Solutions division was to implement an app in which people could submit new project ideas and have their ideas progress up the chain of command with a predetermined, automated and enforced workflow – with all of the necessary information required to make the best business decisions possible on which ideas to pursue.

To realize the vision and accomplish objectives, the division partnered with MRS and turned to the experience and expertise of the MRS SharePoint team.

Built on the Microsoft SharePoint Online platform and leveraging SharePoint workflow capabilities (specifically with Microsoft Flow), the cloud-native application accepts project idea submissions and new ideas from all employees in the division. Automated workflows, including with push alerts and notifications, ensure that at each stage of the process every employee knows when they are required to perform a task and input information. With predetermined forms and fields, the necessary information is mandated and therefore adherence to policies, procedures, best practices and information requirements is strictly enforced. Furthermore, a detailed audit trail gives management full transparency on the process.

Built upon the Microsoft cloud and seamlessly integrating with the organization’s Office 365 environment, employees have access to the application and information even while working remotely. The mobile responsive design also means employees can use the application on any device – from desktop to mobile.

The application ultimately results in not only drastically increased efficiency in bringing new ideas to fruition, but perhaps more importantly, employees feeling more empowered to come forward with new and potentially innovative ideas. Employees at all levels in the division truly feel that their voice is heard and that their ideas can come to life and make a real impact. This inspires creativity, improves the employee experience and makes significant contributions to the internal culture.