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AlertDriving: Embedded Analytics with Microsoft Power BI


alertdriving is a specialist in online driver risk management solutions. The company’s innovative learning management system (LMS) is used by over a million drivers worldwide and helps organizations across 125 countries reduce collisions, injuries, operating costs and liability exposure with best-in-class fleet driver training and behavioral analysis programs.

MRS has played a significant role in the development of key facets of the application throughout a multiyear engagement with the alertdriving team. In this case, alertdriving turned to the advanced analytics and business intelligence (BI) expertise of MRS to enhance the reporting capabilities of the platform and to create a more personalized, data-driven experience for alertdriving customers.

Providing customers with full visibility and personalized, data-driven training programs

alertdriving customers need full visibility and an in-depth understanding of their fleet drivers’ interaction with the LMS platform. Managers and administrators require customizable, flexible and scalable data reporting on driver enrollment, progress, compliance, and other key performance indicators at various levels to ensure their drivers are sufficiently trained and that their organization is taking the necessary steps to create safe and risk-averse working conditions.

Furthermore, customers wanted more personalized and data-driven programs that could target and identify persistent collision causes, monitor unique areas of fleet risk, compare accident rates before and after participation in the training programs and map driver test scores to real-world scenarios such as crash types, costs and severity. This would enable them to use data to implement training programs more tailored to their needs.

The solution: Embedded analytics and comprehensive reporting dashboards with Microsoft Power BI

Leveraging the flexible and robust capabilities of Microsoft Power BI and Power BI Embedded, MRS architects implemented comprehensive management reporting dashboards within the alertdriving LMS.

The solution extracts and amalgamates data from a myriad of sources and the reporting dashboard works seamlessly within the LMS portal. This enables managers and system administrators of alertdriving customers to access and interact with the reports on the same platform that they already use – drastically simplifying the user experience and giving them fast and easy access to insights that help them assess and optimize their company’s usage of the LMS. In using Power BI Embedded rather than developing a custom reporting tool from the ground up, development costs for the solution were significantly reduced and the time-to-market was greatly accelerated – all while still allowing for the detailed customizations and flexibility that the company needed.

The solution includes:

  • administrative dashboards and reporting pages: managers and system admins have access to comprehensive reporting pages within the LMS portal where they can see status updates on each of their drivers, aggregate test results, average test scores, average time to completion, etc.
  • customized, flexible data reporting: data visualizations on critical information such as leading collision causes and training performance help management easily identify company-specific problem areas and sources of driver risk unique to their business
  • compliance monitoring: from course status to quiz attempts and test scores, in-depth reporting on every driver helps managers monitor and enforce compliance to their company’s training and driver readiness policies
  • comprehensive collision analysis: with complex A/B reporting that compares crash rates before and after the training program and maps granular data from test results to crash types, costs and severity, managers are able to measure the overall effectiveness of their training programs and identify correlations between testing and real-world situations; this helps management proactively identify risk, what areas of the training sufficiently mitigate such risk and what areas of the training need improvements
  • market data comparisons: market data is gathered, aggregated and displayed to help managers identify risk exposure unique to certain geographic regions and how their own crash types, costs and severity compare to general market rates; for example, multinational organizations can determine what crash types are more frequent in a given country or region compared to others, and whether or not the level of crashes they are experiencing is below, on par with or above the average in that region

Expanding the capabilities of the best-in-class fleet driver risk management solution

alertdriving now offers customers detailed, personalized, scalable and user-friendly data reports on thousands of drivers within their organizations and across the globe. This further extends the capabilities of their best-in-class risk management solution and addresses a need voiced by both current and prospective customers. And by utilizing the robust yet highly flexible and customizable capabilities of Microsoft Power BI and Power BI Embedded, the company was able to reduce overhead development costs associated with building a completely custom data visualization tool.

alertdriving continues to work with MRS for various project management and development roles of their best-in-class fleet driver risk management solution.