TD Bank optimizes pricing and marketing decisions with analytics reports on Microsoft Power BI


The Toronto-Dominion (TD) Bank has experienced significant growth since its establishment in 1955, and (as of April 2017) it is the largest bank in Canada by total assets. As they continue to expand, TD knows that empowering their 90,000+ employees with the tools they need is critical in preparing them for them for the future of banking. With increased adoption of Microsoft Office 365 and business intelligence tools, the bank was looking for experienced Microsoft partners to maximize ROI and ensure they’re leveraging the technology to its maximum potential.

Business Case

Wanting to increase their use of data and information, TD partnered with MRS to expand their business intelligence infrastructure. With millions of dollars worth of transactions going through their point-of-sale machines every month, the pool of data available for them to tap in to was immense. Questions such as, “what types of rewards cards are consumers using most often?”, “in what locations are different cards being used more or less?”, and “what types of purchases do consumers use different cards for?” were critical in helping TD assess the performance of their products and to better understand their customers – but without the right business intelligence solution, they had no answers.


MRS consultants and developers lead a project within the analytics and reporting department to develop the solution. “(MRS) helped support and expand TD Merchant Solution’s BI data infrastructure for over 1 year, (taking) the lead with the data modelling and coding to triple the size of our data warehouse to over 1TB”, says Nicholas Georgakakis, Senior Manager, Finance at TD Merchant Solutions. Furthermore, by providing guidance on reporting in SharePoint and redesigning the new system, MRS moved their CRM environment away from a legacy, unstable tool to SharePoint. The solution turned pools of unused, inaccessible data into beautiful dashboards and reports on an interface employees were comfortable and familiar with in their Office 365 environment.


With MRS involved, TD Merchant Solutions was able to get the job done while “minimizing failure risk greatly as well as shortening data processing time remarkably”, says Georgakakis. The solution enabled even non-technical users at TD to be able to produce visual, intuitive dashboards on the millions of dollars of transactions through their POS machines which enabled better, faster decision making throughout the organization as previously untapped data was translated into powerful reports at the click of a button. Employees were able to access the information through their continuously developing Office 365 environment. Leveraging Office, SQL Server, SharePoint, and Power BI, and with the help of MRS, TD was able to transform the way they make decisions.

“(The MRS team) helped support and expand TD Merchant Solution’s BI data infrastructure for over 1 year, tripling the size of our data warehouse to over 1TB, integrating SSIS packages and streamline the process away from our technology group, minimizing both failure risk greatly as well as shortening data processing time remarkably. I believe the MRS team was instrumental in the success of our BI expansion project.”

Nicholas Georgakakis
Senior Manager of Finance, TD Bank Merchant Solutions

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