Hain-Celestial Canada restores order to the new product development process with Office 365

Hain-Celestial Canada is a leader in better-for-you food and personal care products. A key strategy to drive growth is innovation. The process to launch innovative new products wasn’t always smooth.

For years the process depended on a master Excel sheet and long, confusing email chains. Compliance was difficult to enforce, data wasn’t validated, and it was hard to know whose turn it was to edit the sheet. The result was usually three copies of the sheet that needed amalgamation. It was impossible to audit the process and hold team members accountable.

Hain-Celestial Canada needed a solution for this problem. We decided to use the existing SharePoint Online (Office 365) and Nintex licenses. This keeps costs down and extra service to a minimum.

The solution uses forms and workflows to automate data capture and transfer. These forms enforce compliance through permissions and data validation. On the home screen, users have a list of their active products with due dates so they don’t miss any tasks. Managers, responsible for the process outcome, have a view to identify outstanding tasks. This way, they can audit all project statuses in one view. Much simpler staff meetings!

MRS Company’s role in the project was to manage and deliver the solution. We helped to understand the process as-is and identify business requirements. We worked with stakeholders and user groups to deliver the technical requirements. We delivered the project in our standard agile-scrum process. Through this we were able to get fast feedback from users and test functionality on the go. We also provided testing, training, and detailed documentation throughout and after the development. We empower our clients to use and manage the system on their own moving forward, but we are always here to help.

“The MRS team worked with our stakeholders and user groups tirelessly to understand and solve our challenges and implement the solution that met our business needs. MRS handled all technical matters so that we could focus on optimizing the process while continuing our daily tasks. MRS has earned my trust as an IT solution provider and we will work with them again in the future.” – Sandro D’Ascanio, VP of Marketing at Hain-Celestial Canada.

Thank you to Hain-Celestial Canada and congratulations on their new product portal!

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