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Intranets: Critical for Collaboration and Knowledge Management

By MRS on Wednesday, August 2 2017

Throughout nearly forty years in the business software and IT industry, we’ve seen, first-hand, innovation in how businesses leverage technology to improve how they operate. While technologies, ideas, and methods have changed, still at the heart of every technological innovation is its interaction with the human beings who use them and its ability to bring people together and empower them to operate more efficiently.

Corporate intranets – driving greater communication and project management in a digital, mobile era, and serving as a central location for business intelligence reports and operations management – allow businesses to work better as a team and manage their critical information and applications in a secure environment that their people enjoy and know how to use.

Intranets bring businesses together. Designed to reflect your corporate culture and tailored to each user uniquely, an effective intranet that encourages frequent use keeps employees engaged, connected, and aware of what they need to know with latest company announcements and updates, trending topics, and more…

Different team and department groups and sub-sites within intranets allow for greater collaboration and information sharing amongst team members, resulting in better project management and ultimately better results throughout your business…


Harness your data and information to its fullest extend by publishing business intelligence reports on intranets that your employees love and know how to use, allowing quicker and easier access to what they need…


Strong communication and a collaborative, team-like atmosphere has always been crucial for businesses to excel – and digital technologies can provide the source of innovation needed to empower employees to work better, together.

Case study examples:

FirstOntario Corporate Intranet.

UJA Federation “Loop”.