Cloud security a top priority among CIOs

Cloud security a top priority among CIOs

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Published August 12, 2018

A recent poll conducted by Morgan Stanley research group Alphawise found that chief information officers (CIOs) have already migrated 21% of application workloads to the cloud. The CIOs expect this to increase to 44% by the end of 2021. As more enterprises move critical systems and information into public clouds, such as those offered by Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services, CIOs are demanding greater security to keep their content safe.

The survey showed that cloud computing and security were cited as the top CIO spending priorities moving forward. This drives further growth in spending on software while expenditures on hardware are expected to decline.

Big businesses are looking to tap into the benefits of the cloud – mainly flexibility, scalability, mobility, and ease of maintenance – but have historically been weary of storing critical data and information on remote servers. That is slowly changing as software-as-a-service (SaaS) providers ramp up security measures to keep up with customer demand. In 2017, Microsoft announced continued internal investments of over $1 billion annually on cyber security research and development as well as investments in other cyber security firms. “As more and more people use the cloud, that spending has to go up,” said Bharat Shah, vice president of security at Microsoft.

On both sides of the aisle – from enterprise customers to SaaS providers – the cloud and data security software appears to be a hot topic in IT for 2018.