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Generate Detailed SharePoint Usage Reports

By MRS on Monday, July 17 2017

SharePoint can be a mess to set-up, govern, and administer. But it doesn’t have to be. We can generate reports providing insights into how your SharePoint is being used so that you can realign it with your organization’s goals and needs.

For many years we’ve offered our “SharePoint Health Check”. In our experience, SharePoint often begins as a pilot project in IT before expanding to other areas of the business. This may lead to large, unwieldly deployments with governance, performance, and usability issues.

The first step in fixing the system is finding out how it is being used, compared with how the organization wants it to be used. A health check review is needed to understand where it all drove off course and what needs to be done to fix it. Here are some of the insights we can generate:


Performance and set-up issues.

  • Are pages loading as quickly as they should? Nothing will push users away from a system faster than painfully long loading times.
  • Are there any empty document libraries or lists? These will grow the size of your SharePoint, requiring more computing and storage resources and making the system slower. Keeping your SharePoint lean will enable a faster, smoother experience.
  • Permissions are a key part of SharePoint’s document management capabilities. It is useless without proper governance of the content, though. We can generate reports on how permissions are set (group level, individual level, etc.) which will help to establish proper governance of documents that live in SharePoint.

Information architecture:

  • How and where are documents stored? Are they in central repositories or are they mostly exclusive to team sites?
  • We can generate reports on how the documents are stored, allow an analysis of the current system’s information architecture. This data offers insights into how documents are created and collaborated on, allowing for alterations that can create a smoother collaborative experience and a more organized SharePoint document library.


  • Search is a main function of SharePoint. Most users will go to the search bar before anything else. But is it working well? Are the employees finding the content they are searching for? What kind of key words are people using in their searches?
  • Our scripts will offer reports that outline key words and vocabulary that users are searching for – if these words do not offer many results, the business may want to alter their metadata standards or establish a more common vocabulary throughout the business, for example.

Turn your giant, messy SharePoint environment into a responsive, secure, well-governed platform that your employees will love to use.