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6 ways to illustrate data using Microsoft Power BI

By MRS on Friday, September 6 2019

No matter which industry your business is in, it is critical to illustrate the significance of your data to decision-makers. We’ve witnessed this first-hand through working with clients across diverse industries, including in healthcare insurance with HIROC, restaurant/food retail with Nando’s, banking/finance with TD Bank, logistics with Chemtrade and many more. The common reoccurring theme across these interactions with our clients is that they need more information to make better business decisions, and they need presented in an easily digestible, easily accessible format that makes decision-making faster.

In this presentation, Microsoft runs through the 6 key ways you can use Power PI – their cloud-based business analytics and reporting service – to help better illustrate your data so that your business can make better and faster decisions. Here is a roundup of the 6 key points:

  1. Build your dream dashboard: use Microsoft Power BI to create rich, interactive analytics dashboards and reports.
  2. Harness the power of cloud-based business intelligence: leverage the cloud to enable decision-makers to access your analytics reports in real-time from any location while reducing costs and benefiting from scalable, easy-to-maintain infrastructure.
  3. Connect the data that matters: with Microsoft Power BI, you can easily connect and aggregate data from a variety of sources.
  4. Take visualizations with you everywhere: with the Microsoft Power BI mobile app, your team can access and interact with your analytics reports on any Android or iOS smartphone or tablet, gather real-time alerts and more.
  5. Easily collaborate to get the best results: use the Microsoft Power BI mobile app to share analytics reports with coworkers, get feedback on data visualizations, annotate on-the-go and more.
  6. Customize your content: write custom visuals in TypeScript and use the Power BI API to deeply customize your analytics reports for your business case and the uniqueness of your data reporting needs.

Download the presentation (PDF) here.


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