AlertDriving reinvents their product with MRS

As an online fleet driver training platform, the right system truly can be a matter of life and death for AlertDriving and their customers. We were there to help.

January 31st, 2018

AlertDriving’s goal is to make our roads safer. They deliver personalized, fully interactive online driver training programs and are proud to serve customers in over 70 countries. As such, the online portal and learning management system (LMS) is the heart and soul of the business, and drivers across the world depend on it. However, the CEO felt that their pre-existing technology platform was holding back the growth of the business and limiting the impact of their product, and so reached out to MRS to find a solution.

After a very brief health check, it was determined an entirely new system build was necessary to achieve desired results. Working collaboratively with AlertDriving, MRS put together a plan to architect and design a replacement, as well as a plan to manage the project and see the solution through – from start to finish.

AlertDriving will have a custom LMS that they can hold as IP, rather than paying extremely high rates for a pre-built platform. The LMS will integrate AR/VR modules in the future, better reporting for improvement, and a management interface from the open-source software Moodle, so that AlertDriving learning administrators won’t need to be tech experts.

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