WorthIT Solutions

Built on SharePoint Office 365, WorthIT EDMS – for Finance is an M.R.S. branded Cloud based solution. It leverages the powerful features and capabilities of SharePoint On-Line, M.R.S. Intellectual property and M.R.S. Project delivery competencies to assist clients in digitizing their Finance departments… more
Leveraging our IP and MS SharePoint, we can deliver complete solutions in critical areas where adherence to corporate policies & procedures is key to improving business processes and operating efficiencies [e.g. HR on-boarding; Finance policies distribution, Field Service documents, etc.]…
Targeted to corporate legal departments, we can rapidly deploy secure, feature rich and collaborative environments to improve productivity and outcomes… more
M.R.S. professionals have the expertise and access to a vast IP library to build Member and Donor Management solutions that advance the complex art / science of Member and Donor Management…
The versatile WorthIT solution provides precise and timely information on virtually any company activity involving Fixed Assets management… more
This off-the-shelf application is specifically designed for finance professionals who need to perform advanced lease or Loan scenario evaluations… more