WorthIT EDMS-For Finance

About WorthIT Electronic Document Management Solution (EDMS)

Digitizing the Finance Office
Built on SharePoint Office 365, WorthIT EDMS – for Finance is an M.R.S. branded Cloud based solution. It leverages the powerful features and capabilities of SharePoint On-Line, M.R.S. Intellectual property and M.R.S. Project delivery competencies to assist clients in digitizing their Finance departments.
WorthIT EDMS-For Finance

  • Eliminates reliance on paper based documents – Once your inbound or outbound documents such as Invoices, PO’s and others are scanned, they are fully searchable and accessible on-line anywhere, anytime. No more faxing or emailing documents or cabinets to rummage through.
  • EDMS managed documents adhere to company defined Workflow processes to ensure orderly and timely processing.
  • Special features to safeguard confidential documents.
  • Linking & collating related documents through custom views provide 360-degree visibility for each transaction.
  • Leverages Office 365 support for Tablet & Mobile.
  • Enterprise ready solution that leverages Office 365 SharePoint On-Line features (Compliance, Security, Scalability, etc.) to deliver a robust solution platform and uncompromising Audit standards.
  • Active Directory integration to seamlessly manage your cloud and on premise users.
  • Available options for data and document integration between EDMS and your other core business systems.

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EDMS is technology’s response to assist users in finance departments to keep pace with the increasing time-velocity, volume and complexity of dealing with critical documents. The objective of an effective EDMS – for Finance solution is to:

  • Empower employees by making critical documents (ex: Invoices, PO’s) fully searchable and accessible on-line anywhere, anytime.
  • Enforce company wide compliance with best practices by ensuring all critical operations (ex: approvals) follow defined workflow processes
  • Shift internal efforts towards addressing critical business issues and away from clerical functions.
  • Improve communications and integration throughout the company

Ultimately, its about driving down operating costs, improving profitability and making the best use of available HR resources to maximize your competitive advantage.

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Background: Our client is a Canadian, international genetics company focused on advancing the beef and dairy industry. They deal with suppliers all over the world and invoices come in constantly, via mail, email, and fax. The invoices are distributed in paper form, tracked manually, and then filed in cabinets once processed. Due to transaction volume, the client needed to ensure audit and approval standards are followed across all offices. Our client sought to modernize their accounts payable workflow by digitizing the document management process and empower employees to become self-supportive. More
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