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  • How to Create Your Own Font June 27, 2017
    What You'll Be CreatingIn this article, we’ll be talking about fonts! Have you ever tried making one? Even if you haven’t ever thought about this, you might get inspired after reading my story. I’ll tell you how I decided to try my hand at font design, how I prepared to create my very first font, and […]
    Yulia Sokolova
  • How to Create a Chalkboard BBQ Poster in Adobe InDesign June 27, 2017
    What You'll Be CreatingSummer is here, and with it come long, laid-back days flipping burgers on the BBQ. If you’re planning a big BBQ event over the coming months, you can promote it in style with this chalkboard poster. Aimed at beginners to print design, this tutorial will focus on building up textures to create that […]
    Grace Fussell

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