Knowledge Management A case study in The Application of SharePoint within Legal Departments

Targeted to corporate legal departments, we can rapidly deploy secure, feature rich and collaborative environments to improve productivity and outcomes.


History is a great teacher….

Knowledge Management is the critical discipline that ensures that valuable knowledge is captured, catalogued and can be easily accessed. By leveraging this wealth of accumulated corporate knowledge, organizations can make informed and timely decisions based on facts, precedents and lessons learned.

Knowledge-Management-System for Legal Departments
Feature Rich Solutions

  • Powered by Microsoft SharePoint
  • Advanced Security Provisions
  • Information Value Compounds Over Time
  • Tablet friendly for mobile users
  • Maximize use of purchased documents

Custom wiki template for legal cases

  • Pre-formatted wiki template includes predefined sections to improve readability
  • Standard features include Title Area, Table of Contents, link to original (unmodified) documents and body containing the contents of the original document plus any edits or annotations.

Auto-Generate wiki pages (see brochure for content)

Single and multiple document load capabilities

Editable HTML body

Custom Controls


M.R.S. is able to customize Legal Knowledge Management to suit your company’s needs. Contact us today to find out how.