Fixed Assets Management


WorthIT provides:

  • Unbridled accuracy in Depreciation and financial reporting
  • Exhaustive Data Base structure to capture data across a broad spectrum of Fixed Assets management disciplines
  • Extensive list of features to corroborate financial and operational decisions
  • Advanced capabilities to plan, budget and forecast asset acquisitions and depreciation costs
Fixed Assets Management

Depreciation & Financial Accounting

Depreciation and financial accounting is the foundation of WorthIT.  You can:

  • Choose depreciation methods or design custom schedules
  • Maintain multiple companies & multiple depreciation profiles Effect transfers and pro-rate costs
  • Perform partial or whole disposals
  • Enter adjustments and reversing entries
  • Preview depreciation registers separately from posting Custom design your G/L account structure
  • And much more….

Extensive Built-in Security Features

  • Administrative control over authorized users and access permission passwords
  • Ability to assign each user with unique Access and Authorization Profiles including limiting scope of functionality
  • History tracking of last user activity such as Adding assets or changing asset detail

Capital Expenditures Budgeting Process

  • Project future depreciation charges – Evaluate how proposed investments impact future depreciation costs.
  • Monitor depreciation costs against budgets – Track actual acquisitions and depreciation costs against budgets.

Handy Executive & Management Tools

  • Financial Inquiry -You’re just one click away from viewing an asset’s entire depreciation and financial history.
  • Snapshot – View asset highlights or drill down to the minutest transactional records for any asset.
  • Insurance Planning- Analyze insured assets per policy to ensure appropriate coverage based on asset mix and current values.
  • Maintenance Scheduling – Plan resource availability and schedule downtime using the Next Service Date feature.
  • Memo Manager – Record free-form information and notes against any transaction to document precisely why certain actions, such as premature disposals, transpired.

Built in Components

Pin-point current asset locations; trace movement history; track assets on-loan to employees; and more.
Monitor repair history; identify problem plagued assets; valuate Maintenance agreements; and more.
For assets such as IT equipment, Folder gives you the ability to list components and attributes (Memory, Storage, etc.) to better understand your asset mix.
Think of a Task as a “docket file” that lets you capture and allocate costs against Projects or Self-Constructed – Assets.
Comprehensive customization options, formatting flexibility, screen views of entire reports, zoom features and automated Export of data provide the ultimate in reporting & analysis. Choose from over 25 Report templates-Whether you need to create Depreciation Continuity reports, Transfer or Disposal registers, Acquisition Analysis spreadsheets or detailed Service, Location & Catalogue listings, you’ll find the right template in WorthIT Fixed Assets. Build Your Own Report Library- The handy MEMORIZE feature let’s you build your own library of customized reports.

Optional Modules

With these optional modules, you can take WorthIT Fixed Assets to a whole new level.

WorthIT Image Gallery

Bring your fixed assets to life by capturing, storing and cataloguing digital images of virtually every document such as PO’s, Invoices, Insurance Policies and of course, asset pictures.

WorthIT Barcode Gallery

Gives you everything you need to apply Bar Coding technology and scanning devices in your fixed assets tracking processes.

WorthIT Report Gallery

This report writer lets you build a boundless library of user defined reports.


M.R.S. is able to customize your Fixed Assets Solution to suit your company’s needs. Contact us today to find out how.