Corporate Lease & Loan Analysis

This off-the-shelf application is specifically designed for finance professionals who need to perform advanced lease or loan evaluations. Only $119.


Corporate Lease & Loan Analysis is specifically designed for accounting and finance professionals who need more than just amortization schedules. It incorporates advanced features and calculations to perform thorough evaluations of Lease & Loan scenarios.

With CLLA, you can:

  • Build exhaustive scenario profiles to also account for front & back end fees, security deposits, payment and buy-out terms, depreciation and tax rates for precise analysis.
  • Produce custom Payment Schedule reports with cover page summaries and user defined totals by Anniversary, Calendar or Fiscal periods. With a simple click, you can transfer information to Word, Excel or Clipboard.
  • Select Depreciation profiles and apply corporate tax rates to generate in-depth analysis and net cash flow spreadsheets by period. CLLA also supports Recoverable Taxes (ex: HST in Canada) for exact Net Cash Flow projections.
  • Calculate the precise Effective Interest Rate (EIR) after accounting for front and back end fees; security deposits and payment terms.
  • Click at any time to display summary statistics on any scenario such as projected Total Interest Costs and Estimated Last Payment Date amongst other valuable data.
  • Simulate impact of changing principal payment amounts, varying interest rates or making lump sum payments during as many user defined From-To periods and compare results against base values.
  • Calculate the Present Value of cash flow streams using corporate mandated Discount Rates of Return.
  • Use the built-in imaginative Grid Calculators to create Amortization, Future Value and Present Value tables to analyze how incremental variations in key variables impact long term outcome.


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