Cloud Business Intelligence

Cloud BI is now a cost effective, high availability, high performance, secure and consistent platform.

Use the cloud to host BI to share information with workers wherever they are on any device while reducing costs. Cloud BI securely exposes your on premise data to customers, sales representatives, and staff.

Using the cloud to host your Business Intelligence portal can be cost effective and provide excellent analysis and reporting capability as a service. By enabling connectors to your back-end data warehouse users on tablets and other devices can get at the data they need and explore and discover performance and current metrics from anywhere. Storing data in the cloud in columnar databases reduces the storage requirements by a factor of 10 reducing costs and speeding data refresh cycles.


M.R.S.’s BI Proof Of Concept offering using a subset of your data with a build out of a Power BI site open to your users.

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CloudBI Methodology
PowerBI-Cloud Business Intelligence

M.R.S. BI Cloud Proof-of-Concept

Deliverable: Power BI Site built from a small dataset for users/analysts to explore and train with.

  • Get Power BI Subscription or use M.R.S.’
  • Select small datasets
  • Build ETL to ready data for consumption
  • Build data model using PowerPivot
  • Build out Power BI Team site
  • Populate with Reports & Graphs
  • Setup Q&A
  • Walkthrough with Users