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Business intelligence and analytics.

Know your business better. Make better decisions.

Custom BI Solutions

Front-to-back BI solution delivery – for data management,  data warehousing, business analytics and reporting, big data, and more. Drive innovation and make better, faster business decisions with your data.

BI Proof of Concept

Envision the capabilities of the BI platform and the impactful insights that an innovative BI solution can provide.

Assessment and Analysis

Identify gaps and progression points in your BI practice and develop the roadmap required to realize your visions.

BI Managed Services

Focus on driving your business forward while getting the 24/7 help and support you need to manage your data and information effectively and to maximize its potential.

Over 20 years of business intelligence expertise.

The MRS Business Intelligence Team is passionate about the power of data to improve operations and has the practical skills and experience you need to help you leverage your data to its maximum potential.

Microsoft Power BI services.

Power BI Launch & Implementation

Our end-to-end Power BI Launch and Deployment Program leverages all of the powerful capabilities of Power BI and our development skills to significantly advance the art of BI analytics and executive reporting for your business. Highlights:

  • Analysis and system architecture design
  • Solution development (including mobile-enabled reporting subset)
  • User training and application support

Power BI QuickStart Program

This focused 10 day program is ideal for companies that wish to explore the significant potential that Power BI can have for their business. The program includes:

  • Working proof of concept model
  • Executive data visualization dashboards
  • Formal presentation with recommendations, roadmaps, and requirements
  • User training

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