Business Intelligence

Benefit from our 20 years of Business Intelligence Expertise

Organizational performance depends on decisions taken on daily basis at all levels (operational, tactical and strategic). That’s why BI Systems with quality information are vital to any organization.
It takes domain experts with highly specialized technology skill sets to get the task done right. The M.R.S. Business Intelligence team of specialists brings practical experience refined through extensive field engagements deploying medium to large scale Business Intelligence solutions. This practical experience, combined with our proven and field tested Business Intelligence processes, methodologies and best practices ensure that the job gets done properly.
This end-to-end Power BI deployment program leverages Microsoft PowerQuery, PowerPivot, PowerDesigner, PowerView and PowerMap to significantly advance the ART of BI Analytics and Executive Reporting.

Program includes:

  • Analysis and System Architecture Design
  • Solution Build including Mobile-enabled Reporting subset
  • User training and Application support

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The M.R.S. Power BI Quick start Program is ideal for companies that wish to explore the significant potential of Microsoft’s Power BI product offering. This focused 10 day program is delivered by the M.R.S. Business Intelligence Group. It includes a working Proof of Concept Model with Dashboards highlighting the amazing Data Visualization capabilities of Power BI.

Download M.R.S. Power BI Quick Start Program Brochure.

MRS will decompose each BI area to identify gaps and progression points and build you an implementation path that will fulfill your information needs using the capabilities of current Business Intelligence technologies and also incorporating MRS and Microsoft best practices… more
Many customers cannot envision what a BI solution would provide to their organization. The BI Proof-of-Concept provides them a clear vision of the capabilities of the BI platform while also giving them guidance as to the kinds of impactful insights that a truly innovative BI solution can provide… more
M.R.S. leverages a mature 20 years Business Intelligence Practice with deep subject matter expertise and Microsoft best practice structure to deliver Business Intelligence solutions for customers. We have proven iterative methodologies that focus on fast paced deliverables and stakeholder acceptance. We manage costs and have flexible delivery options. more
M.R.S. can tailor a Service level agreement to give you the helpdesk and operational support needed for you organization. SLA programs are available for both client and M.R.S. developed software and solutions. more
Cloud BI is now a cost effective, high availability, high performance, secure and consistent platform. Use the cloud to host BI to share information with workers wherever they are on any device while reducing costs. Cloud BI securely exposes your on premise data to customers, sales representatives, and staff. Using the cloud to host your Business Intelligence portal can be cost effective and provide excellent analysis and reporting capability as a service. By enabling connectors to your back-end data warehouse users on tablets and other devices can get at the data they need and explore and discover performance and current metrics from anywhere. Storing data in the cloud in columnar databases reduces the storage requirements by a factor of 10 reducing costs and speeding data refresh cycles. more