WorthIT Electronic Document Management Solution – Digitizing the Finance Office

Electronic Document Management Solution for Finance

M.R.S. is pleased to announce our newest solution to the WorthIT Intellectual Property family-WorthIT EDMS-For Finance.

Built on SharePoint Office 365, WorthIT EDMS – for Finance is an M.R.S. branded Cloud based solution. It leverages the powerful features and capabilities of SharePoint On-Line, M.R.S. Intellectual property and M.R.S. Project delivery competencies to assist clients in digitizing their Finance departments.

System Highlights:

  • Eliminates reliance on paper based documents – Once your inbound or outbound documents such as Invoices, PO’s and others are scanned, they are fully searchable and accessible on-line anywhere, anytime. No more faxing or emailing documents or cabinets to rummage through.
  • EDMS managed documents adhere to company defined Workflow processes to ensure orderly and timely processing.
  • Special features to safeguard confidential documents.
  • Linking & collating of related documents through custom views to provide 360-degree visibility.
  • Leverages Office 365 support for Tablet & Mobile.
  • Enterprise ready solution that leverages Office 365 SharePoint On-Line features (Compliance, Security, Scalability) to deliver a robust solution platform and uncompromising Audit standards.
  • Active Directory integration to seamlessly manage your cloud and on premise users.
  • Options for data and document integration between EDMS and your core business systems.

Real World Example!

Check out our Case Study ‘SharePoint Document & Workflow Solution for Finance‘ to find out how we helped the finance department at a Canadian genetics company eliminate their reliance on paper documents.

Download the Brochure: Electronic Document Management System for Finance

Want to know more?

Visit our webpage on WorthIT EDMS for more details or drop us a line to schedule a FREE demo (or simply ask us some questions).


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