How to Leverage SharePoint to Improve your Business-Part 1

How to leverage SharePoint

Since its launch in 2001, Microsoft SharePoint has grown to become a leading enterprise platform for intranets and content management. However, customers are increasingly using it to enable a much broader range of capabilities.

Today’s part 1 blog post will explore just what some of those capabilities are.

Intranet/Communication Portal:

  • SharePoint can be configured and customized so that you can share company announcements, share documents and company information, and integrate news and social media feeds.
  • Many of the relevant features are built-in: newsfeeds, content management, groups and team sites, analytical tools to see adoption rates, and more.
  • Custom branding will allow your company to continue a comprehensive style across external and internal communication channels, letting employees internalize the organizational culture.
  • Gamification to make exploring, working, and communicating with colleagues fun!

Consolidating Reports:

  • SharePoint has powerful reporting and dashboarding services built into the platform, and can pull the data from a number of different business systems.
  • SharePoint can act as a central Business Intelligence hub for your business users.
  • For Office 365 Users, consider Power BI as another amazing tool to visualize your data.


  • In large businesses, numerous, sometimes geographically-scattered teams are required to work together to deliver a product or service. SharePoint can give them a space both to work within their teams, and to share that information with other teams.
  • Microsoft Office web applications allow employees to work together concurrently with real-time updates to their work.
  • Keep documents organized in a central location so there is one copy, up-to-date, with a version history/audit trail.

Business Process Automation:

  • SharePoint’s document management capabilities combine with the workflow engine, making a great platform to build process automation solutions.
  • Real life Example: M.R.S. used SharePoint Online to automate the processes that go into receiving and approving accounts payable documents. No more “paper with legs” running through the office!
    • We also built a quality management solution that allows salespeople to submit a quality complaint ticket right from the client site and have the required workflow processes start immediately.
    • M.R.S. can custom build workflows that are more complex than the built-in solution to ensure that all your complex business processes can become software-defined.


Read Part 2 with more ways on how SharePoint can help your company.


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