The Case for a SharePoint Service Level Agreement

The Case for a SharePoint Service Level Agreement

By Ramesh Jackpaul, Director, Consulting Services Group – M.R.S. Company Ltd.

SharePoint is hot! I have heard this numerous times in talking with business and technical folks alike. Being ‘hot’ in this context means that companies are adopting it worldwide and it is living up to its promise of delivering on collaboration, workflows and content management . However, with that has come the huge demand for expensive technical resources and an ensuing shortage in the marketplace.  Companies are now challenged to support their existing SharePoint systems with the varied SharePoint skills needed and their unavailability in the marketplace.

The two obvious options are…

Full-time Hires: That is a revolving door as people leave for better opportunities. The good technical people are not always interested in full-time in-house positions and those that do come are pricey.

Hire Independent Consultants:   They are a lot more expensive than full time and are not always available. They tend to look for contracts with a 3 months minimum, so you are stuck if you have smaller tasks to accomplish.  A variety of skills is required to maintain SharePoint and they are rarely available in a single resource, so you end up needing more than a single consultant. In addition, you run the risk of a consultant jumping to a new contract a few months before your project is done leaving you in the lurch

Regardless of which option you choose you do have a high cost, high risk situation to deal with.

Now ask yourself the following QUESTIONS:

  • Where can I find the multiple SharePoint skills I need in one place?
  • Can I use them for my business needs?
  • Can my cost for this be reasonable?
  • Can I reduce my risk?

The ANSWER:  A SharePoint Service level Agreement

You need an organization specializing in SharePoint application development and maintenance solution to provide you with a service level agreement that address you particular needs. These organizations have a variety of SharePoint skills from infrastructure and architecture right through to testing and support. They can deliver on projects, support and give you much needed advice on improving your systems and business processes.

You will reduce your SharePoint costs and get quality technical people to help with system support, stability and improvement.

M.R.S. can be that Organization

We are a full-service, relationship-centric IT consultancy firm in Toronto, and offer our clients a compelling on-shore alternative to design and deploy SharePoint solutions in critical financial, operating and customer-centric areas. We offer a complete suite of SharePoint services in:

  • Strategy Assessment and Envisioning
  • Farm Architecture and Installation
  • Custom Application Development
  • Health Check
  • Migration Services to SharePoint 2013
  • Business Intelligence integration
  • Application Support Services (service level agreements)
  • M. R.S. intellectual property and artifacts to expedite the deployment of custom SharePoint solutions.