SharePoint 2016 beta 2 New: Image and Video Previews

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In this blog post, we will cover new image & video preview feature in SharePoint 2016 beta 2

To begin with let’s create a document library and name it as “Marketing Material”

1 Add an App


2 Create Doc Library


Now let’s upload some images to the document library

3 Add Images


And now upload a video to the library

4 Add Video


The final list view of the library will look like following

5 List View


In SharePoint 2016 beta 2, Microsoft has introduced lightbox functionality. If you click one of the images in the document library, you will see a preview of the image in lightbox popup

6 Image Preview


Now let’s try clicking the video file. You may get a silverlight plugin warning in case silverlight is not installed. So make sure silverlight is installed in your pc.

7 Video Preview Silverlight error


Once silverlight is installed you will able to see the video in lightbox popup.

8 Video Preview Working


Hope you liked the post.

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