SharePoint 2016 Beta 2 New: Data Loss Prevention

Word Cloud Data Loss Prevention

As we all know Microsoft recently announced Beta 2 version of SharePoint 2016. One of the new features included in beta 2 is : Data Loss Prevention.

Using DLP features you can :

  1. Search if there are documents in SharePoint sites having sensitive information like credit card numbers, social security numbers etc.
  2. Implement compliance policies to give warning to users uploading documents with sensitive information and if needed block access to those documents

In this blog post we will explore DLP related features in SharePoint 2016 beta2.

If you create new eDiscovery site, you will see a new option on home page i.e. “Create DLP Query”

ediscoveryDLP Button Home

If you click “Create DLP Query” button, you will see list of DLP queries and export status

DLP Queries Search & Export

If you click new item link, you will see a popup with list of pre-defined DLP query templates

New DLP Query Popup


Following is an example of using DLP query template. The following query checks for social security numbers, taxpayer identification numbers and passport numbers.


You can also update query scope by clicking “Modify Query Scope” link. You can choose to query against everything in SharePoint or restrict results to specific SharePoint sites.

DLP Modify Query Scope

In below image you can see an example of query results. Here we have updated DLP query to check for documents having credit card numbers. As you can see in the pic, the query returned three documents with author and date modified information.

DLP Query Result Example

You can also save and export the query with results.

CC Check Export

Now if you create another site but this time using Compliance Center site template, you will see home page like following:

Compliance Home Screen DLP

You can create new DLP Policy by clicking new item

Compliance DLP Policy New

Again, you can select one of the query templates. You can also choose who gets the incident report for this policy.

Compliance Create new DLP Policy


Once you can created DLP policy, next step will be to map the policy to a site collection

Compliance DLP Policy Assignment

Compliance DLP Site Collection Mapping

These DLP features can be really useful specially for scenarios like legal document repositories, financial document repositories etc.

Hope you liked the post.

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