What we have been working on: Sending Documents to SharePoint for Automatic Processing

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M.R.S. has been busy lately, our recent project involved ‘Sending Documents to SharePoint for Automatic Processing‘. Here is a brief highlight of what we did.


Often we want to have automated processes send documents to SharePoint and then have SharePoint automatically act on these documents (updating metadata, routing the document based on metadata, etc.)  Getting this to work in Office 365 presents some challenges.  Office 365 does not provide a way to email documents to a SharePoint online Document Library, and if you do find a way to programmatically load large quantities of documents to SharePoint online you will hit some issues with list view limits and getting anything to happen automatically once your process loads documents to SharePoint online.

Our Director of Technology (Gus Manios) and our SharePoint Practice Lead (Anirudh Krishan) took up this challenge and they have created a custom application that fills these gaps.

The MRS Office 365 File Submission Processor program can successfully load documents and trigger the routing of those documents.  Additionally, it can monitor an Office 365 mailbox and extract and load emails to a SharePoint online drop-off library so emailing your Office 365 SharePoint becomes as easily as emailing to SharePoint on premise was.

The MRS Office 365 File Submission Processor program is a lightweight application that will run on one of your on premise servers or, if you wish a complete cloud solution, on an Azure server.


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