Gamify SharePoint 2013 to Increase Adoption by M.R.S. Company Ltd.


M.R.S. Blog Post by Anirudh Krishan
SharePoint Architect-M.R.S. Company Ltd. 

SharePoint is a great platform but has it’s own adoption challenges:

  • It’s hard for end users to understand concept of lists, document libraries, managed metadata etc.
  • Most of SharePoint implementations are tops down rather than bottoms up implementations.
  • For end users SharePoint is just another tool, which they need to access on daily basis as a push from management.
  • Default Enterprise social features are sometimes over estimated, in terms of key to adoption.

 What is Gamification?

“Gamification is the use of game thinking and game mechanics in non-game contexts to engage users in solving problem”s -Wikipedia-


Some interesting links about Gamification:

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How to Gamify SharePoint Implementations

  • Rather than starting with heavy duty SharePoint implementation, start with light weighted collaboration solution on SharePoint
  • Implement solutions like Crowdsourcing, Innovation management on SharePoint to increase User engagement
  • Use community site features in SharePoint to increase collaboration
  • Reward users for contributing to the SharePoint portal
  • Avoid introducing a lot of SharePoint features and introduce features targeting user engagement in initial phases
  • Use social features to run campaigns to increase engagement & collaboration

Some Examples – #1 Ideas Hub 

ideas hub gamification


#1 Ideas Hub

  • Empower your employees with Ideas Hub implementation using Community Features of SharePoint 2013
  • Recognize the top contributors to improve employee engagement & motivation
  • Further ideation process can be developed to promote & evaluate ideas shared by employees. This will help with Returns On Investment.
  • Search features of SharePoint can be these used to search the knowledge base shared by the employees.


Some Examples – #2 Run Campaigns

Run Campaigns-SharePoint Gamification


#2 Run Campaigns

  • Forget the traditional ways (emails, more emails …) of generating ideas.
  • Use Social features of SharePoint to run enterprise wide campaigns in a secure way.
  • Use scoping features to generate or share ideas within a specific project team.
  • Employees can then discover & follow the trending topics using trending hashtags/topics features of SharePoint
  • Share ideas or knowledge with your colleagues in form of text, document file, video etc.


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