When Should You Outsource Your IT Services?

When should you outsource your IT services

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When it comes to deciding on when to outsource your IT Services, take the following into consideration.

1. Many different technologies/systems in use.

  • Businesses generally prefer to have their mission-critical systems administered and maintained by full-time IT staff, as opposed to outsourcing.
  • Secondary systems – those used less often and less importantly – can be managed by an outside firm at a much cheaper cost than holding an in-house employee responsible. Even worse in some cases, an employee who is specialized in   another area may have to take time out of their day to attend to one of these systems.
    • Example: ERP system used throughout the business, support for such a system is run by a small team of IT pros. At the same time, certain departments use SharePoint for collaboration and document management. This business may feel that having a SharePoint Admin in-house is a high cost for very sparing work, and as such outsourcing the job makes sense.
  • Within this, costs of technical support may be too high, and not critical enough to maintain an in-house support or help desk staff. Outsourcing may be beneficial in this sense.

2. Embracing new technologies, systems or environments.

  • New technologies come with a learning curve both for users and the IT staff. Your staff can focus on driving the business forward and let an outside group ensure that new technologies are set up and the IT staff can be trained to service it.
  • New technologies mean more work. Some companies would prefer their in-house employees to work on new initiatives, whereas others prefer that the in-house employees focus on whatever job they already had. In either case, outsourcing the extra work in these cases allows the business to be flexible in the face of fluctuating IT demands.

3.Unable to find affordable talent

  • For some skills, full-time salaries and benefits are just too high to justify. That said, outsourcing is a way that such companies can benefit from new, high-skill technology areas without increasing head count.
    • At M.R.S., this is often a reason why clients engage us for custom solutions on SharePoint. While they are aware of the platform’s power and versatility, it is simply too costly to hire multiple SharePoint Architects full-time. By outsourcing, a company can take advantage of rare, highly compensated skills that they would be unable to hire as a salaried employee.
  • Finding a potential employee, testing their skills and ensuring that you hire the right person is a resource-intensive task that will likely require some form of collaboration between HR and IT. Even still, there is no guarantee that this employee has the exact talents that a business needs. A reputable firm as a partner, such as M.R.S., not only has already done the work of finding quality employees, but we also share our client’s financial and technological risk.
  • Perhaps a company already has a SharePoint Architect who has designed a new SharePoint solution. Outsourcing the development of this project will allow the business to augment their own staff, maintaining control over the process without having to expand the IT department drastically.

4. The Internet/Cloud

  • There is the obvious fact that companies who move to the cloud are outsourcing an entire portion of their IT department, with both personnel and hardware included in that.
  • Another implication of better remote access is that employees, IT and others, are increasingly likely to work from home or another remote location. If a company’s employees are not centralized then it may not be necessary to have a large centralized IT staff. Better access means that IT staff, including contractors and consultants, can work from anywhere and as a result, blurs the line between “in-house” employees and consultants.

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