World of Healthcare through SharePoint eyes with a touch of Internet of Things!!!

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To start with, no this is not a post about marketing SharePoint as ultimate solution to all healthcare problems.  This post is about specific problems I experienced or problems I learnt about while interacting with healthcare staff (doctors, nurses, management etc.) during my professional career. To brief about myself:  I have developed few products for healthcare and have worked for healthcare industry for most of my professional career.

Let’s talk about the problems in Healthcare in general:


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Lack of automated process to give/get real time feedback to/from patient’s relatives 

Ask any healthcare staff and I am sure they would agree with me on this. While a patient is operated, relatives accompanying him/her would love to have every minute update about their loved one (rightly so but this may not be feasible). Imagine if devices are connected some how and the feedback/update can be shared near to real time and queries from those relatives can be replied automatically by systems rather than in person currently. That would surely save lot of time & effort for both staff & relatives. Not only this but over the time trend analysis of such data can help mature this process further.

Consistent way of recording Quality Assurance Standards across various Healthcare Institutes

I must mention this problem & idea related to this problem was shared by a senior healthcare manager. Quality Assurance is important part of any healthcare institute and hence huge amount of effort is put in by every healthcare institute to be up to mark with QA standards. Now different institutes record & archive reports related to QA in different ways. Idea is to have a standard way to record those reports across institutes. This will save lot of time & cost during auditing & standard way can help build tools to analysis that data to improve & measure the quality.

No platform for knowledge management between network of Healthcare Institutes

Knowledge management can be a big challenge in any healthcare institute.  In my professional experience I have not seen any KM product or tool effectively used by healthcare staff after initial implementation phase. But the need is there. In my personal view not only the need is there to have Knowledge Management in a Healthcare Institute but across multiple Healthcare Institutes too. Also I don’t think traditional way of knowledge management works for Healthcare industry. I think concept of connected devices to generate network of knowledge sharing and management is the way forward.

Lack of transparency & visibility

If you are connected with healthcare in any way, I am sure you would agree with me on this. Most of the initiatives in a healthcare institute are implemented tops down, leaving a disconnect with most of the staff members (who are actually executing those initiatives). Also many initiatives are not even shared across the institute. I think solutions like crowd sourcing, Ideas Hub can work really well in improving visibility & transparency.

How is SharePoint related to these problems?

Let me do some marketing for SharePoint product now. SharePoint is a great product. I think  above stated problems can have solutions based on SharePoint 2013 & Microsoft BI Stack.

Now if you ask me WHAT IS SHAREPOINT? My answer will be –


Some Ideas related solutions based on SharePoint

Crowdsourcing Solution 

SharePoint 2013 features like community sites, news feed, mysites can be used to create an effective crowd sourcing platform.

Knowledge Management Solution

SharePoint 2013 features like Enterprise Wiki, Blog, community sites and using enterprise mobility features by Microsoft to create a network of knowledge management solution.

Healthcare Expert Finder

Use SharePoint 2013 enhanced search features to not only find content but also healthcare staff members with specific required skills and experience.

Healthcare Feedback System

Using workflows & extranet features of SharePoint 2013, an effective feedback system can be developed which can then be connected to data from various systems & devices to increase the relevance & ease of use. Further including Microsoft Business Intelligence features can help do trend analysis to further mature the experience.

Standard Quality Assurance Process

Using Microsoft Access 2013 forms & SharePoint workflows, a standardized process can be developed and implemented for recording QA related data. These forms can then be analysed, audited and presented using Microsoft BI features.

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