Sneak Preview – Responsive Twitter WebPart – powered by AngularJS and Bootstrap

Twitter WP

I am so glad to share Sneak Preview of the Twitter WebPart we are developing for SharePoint 2013. To start with, a brief about the webpart:

  • Twitter WebPart – Renders Twitter feeds for the specified screen name or user id using Twitter REST API V1.1
  • Responsive design
  • Powered by AngularJS – so you can use the controller js to have custom designed webpart without worrying about the logic to fetch the data
  • Twitter Bootstrap is used for the design
  • WCF end points – in case you want to develop custom webpart with custom design without worrying about writing code to interact with Twitter API
  • Wrapper API – code is written in a way you can simply add reference to the social API (core assembly used by this webpart) and build custom solutions based on Twitter data

Okay enough talking, let’s check out some screenshots of the webpart:

After adding the webpart, you can edit webpart properties to configure settings related to the Twitter API call (In this post, I won’t go through the process of creating Twitter App to get Consumer Key & Secret). More settings to be added in the final release

Edit Configuration


After applying correct Twitter settings, full page view will look like following

Full Screen


Responsive view of the WebPart:

 responsive screen


Twitter webpart in a different WebPart Zone:

Summary with zone

Lastly multiple twitter webparts can be added to a page like shown below

two twitter webparts

Future road map for feature set for this webpart looks like following :

  • Include Caching for the Tweet data & OAuth Response
  • Common or Shared configuration page on SharePoint site level to share Twitter app keys across multiple Twitter Web Parts across the site
  • Include support for paging the data
  • Support features like follow, share, r- tweet through this WebPart itself.

Hope you like the sneak preview. Commercials & further details will be released soon. If you like it and want to get a copy as soon it get’s released,  you can contact us at http://www.mrscompany.com/#!mrs-contact-us/c24vq 

In case you would like to discuss this WebPart or know about our other SharePoint products or anything related to SharePoint – feel free to contact me at AnirudhK@mrscompany.com